Youth guarantee house

Everyone needs a place, where they can be themselves. Where they will be heard even in the most difficult circumstances, and where they can find meaningful things to do.

In the Youth guarantee house we support young people aged 15-29 to find their own path. Youth guarantee house supplements existing youth work services and networks. Our goal is for every young person to have a chance to a meaningful future, including education and work.

We want to spend time with young people, to really know how they are doing. Our activities are free of charge and don't require commitment. Youth guarantee house offers young people a place where to reflect on where they are in life and where they want to go next, with experienced workers by their side.

Youth guarantee houses have already opened in four different cities in Finland. In addition to Helsinki houses can at the moment be found in Tampere, Turku and Rauma.

The Youth guarantee house model was first coined in Rauma, with influences from the Swedish Fryshused -concept and the Danish Project Udenfor. In Helsinki we began developing the service model in autumn 2017 and the development work was concluded in 2019. The Youth guarantee house continues its activities.

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